Mikaal Sulaiman: Work Samples

I am applying for the 2017 New Original Works Festival with my project "Black Death: Malcolm's Mixtape".

Black Death Project (Demo Image) v1.jpg

Work Sample
Fear Desire Desire Fear (Work in Progress Showing)
Featuring: Emily Mast
Performed at PAM Residencies in Los Angeles
December 2nd & 3rd 2016

Fear Desire Desire Fear: Description

Fear Desire Desire Fear is theatrical exploration within the emotional architecture of the subject’s mind. Through performative experiments, She (Emily Mast) delves deep into what the subject longs for hoping to better understand why the subject is terrified of it. Our phobias create our limits and remind us of our mortality. Under the direction of Mikaal Sulaiman, She unmasks the subject’s psyche with surgical precision and the vulnerability of an open wound. 

video duration: 30 seconds

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