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I'm glad to have had an opportunity to work on this Public Service Announcement. I'm proud to have a part in encouraging awareness and prevention of sexual assault on women. This important initiative, created by and supported by the White House, is unfortunately necessary now but hopefully soon will be irrelevant. Although the circumstance in this video is a comedic one, it is important that the viewer understands the severity of the analogous situation. Being that the bear in the video is entirely computer generated, it was my job to help to create very high stakes. From every roar, door scratch, and heavy panting, I wanted to give the viewer a strong sense of real and immediate danger.

THE imitation game : TV trailer

In this 30 second The Imitation Game tv spot trailer you can hear an example of the A to Z process of creating sound design for a trailer. Here i'm crafting sounds that, in some cases, feel like on-set recordings such as the whirling and clicking of the decoding machine or the subtle rattling of the glasses as the bartender looks up as well as the bombing sounds i've included. I'm also adding in sound accoutrement here to heighten the drama of the trailer such as the ignition of the decoding machine or the kicking in of the door. All of these audio additions needed to feel natural and necessary. 

Hulu : tv commercials

The interesting task with these tv spots was that they needed sound design that could stay out of the way of the incredible comedic dialogue but also serve the environments the Hulu Guru was in in a quirky way. I found some subtle and not so subtle ways to add humor to the scenes through sound. In Ad #2 I added a tabletop bell in the second location as well as awkward sounding footsteps as The Guru leaves the bakery to help punctuate his absurd line. In Ad #1 I created a squeak when he lowers the hair dryer to accentuate that final line. Both spots are peppered with these sound accents. When we added the final ingredient of music I retooled my sound design to gel with the musical score to create a more cohesive soundscape. 

In A Relationship : short film 

As sound designer & re-recording mixer I was presented with several technical issues in regards to sound with this film overall but this scene, featuring Sophie Simpson & Zachary Webber, is the most exaggerated of one of the problems I helped resolve. Firstly, the on-set recording of this scene was less than ideal and the dialogue needed a good amount of audio restoration. Secondly, the temp score was not license free and I recorded an acoustic guitarist to help mask the microphone distortion as well as set a musical tone for the scene.  

John David : short film

This clip is an example of my audio restoration work. Many times on many shoots the best audio comes from a lavalier microphone worn by the actor. In fictional filmmaking, unlike documentaries, it's important that the lav mic is never seen. Often the problem becomes, how does one hide the small lav mic without it rubbing against the actors clothes and distorting the audio. Even with the best on-set recordists the issue below becomes unavoidable and falls upon the post-production audio engineer to work some magic and eliminate the popping and rubbing sounds. 

BMW - Past is Present : commercial spot

Here my task was manifold. I was given a score that needed mixing and a shot of musical energy. I also needed to create and infuse sound effects to bring the car to life. Lastly, for the sake of client presentation, I recorded my own voice performing the voice-over to give more context to the commercial. 


The interesting challenge and opportunity with animation is that a sound designer is truly starting from scratch. In this demonstration I took an exerpt from the Brickleberry TV show on Comedy Central and removed all of the sound and replaced it with my own design. From the helicopter to the explosions, this is a ground up reimagining. To be clear, I did not work on the Brickleberry show nor do I own this video content. This is for demo purposes only. 

NOTE: the animation is silent for the first half of the video.


I was asked to create a sonic world to support and give clarity to the animation. Since this is a studio bumper, my design needed to be simple and clear.
I also added a musical button at the end to accent the wink.

NOTE: the animation was given with no sound so there is silence for the first half.